getting rid of the dummy

Primary Teeth Care: Getting Rid of the Dummy

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Prolonged use of a dummy can distort how the mouth grows and can change teeth alignment in young children. The roof of the mouth can also be altered. These are primary reasons to find ways to wean baby off of the dummy. Many children are extremely attached to the little rubber nipple so it might take creative manoeuvring to get rid of it. … Continue reading


The Healthy Teeth/Healthy Heart Connection

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From the time we are old enough to wield a toothbrush, we are admonished to brush and floss. That advice is more important than we may realise. A dreaded cavity is not the only consequence of improper or lack of brushing. Could not brushing your teeth give you a heart attack? Experts say there may be a connection between healthy teeth and a healthy heart. There is great emphasis on the keyword may but the potential link is there. … Continue reading

how to brush your teeth

How to Brush Your Teeth

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As the Australian Dental Association (ADA) says, brushing your teeth is important. It’s not a casual hobby but an art which contributes to your overall hygiene. When brushed right, your mouth is clean and fresh, not dirty and odorous. So, how do you brush your teeth right?

… Continue reading

oral health

How Your Oral Health Affects the Rest of Your Body

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Oral health is often treated as separate from the rest of the body. Dental insurance is separate from medical insurance. Dentists are specialists who have their own offices and specialised equipment and training. Often people misunderstand this to mean that oral health is lesser, and they ignore oral health or put off dental care. This can lead to complications and poor quality of life.

The World Health Organisation also states that oral health effects other chronic diseases. … Continue reading

teeth grinding

Teeth Grinding: Signs and Solutions

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Bruxism, or the act of grinding and clenching of the teeth while asleep, is one of the most common causes of tooth pain. According to the American Sleep Association, approximately 10% of American adults and 15% of American children experience Bruxism. … Continue reading

how to beat bad breath

Beating Bad Breath

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Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is certainly embarrassing and can even affect your self-confidence. Gum, mints, and mouthwashes may temporarily mask unpleasant odours; however, chronic bad breath can be a sign of a more serious oral health problem.  … Continue reading

tooth jewel

Why Tooth Jewels Aren’t as Lovely as You Think

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Cosmetic dentistry takes on a whole new meaning when you have a tooth jewel applied to one of your teeth. These sparkly accessories might look neat, but they are not as lovely to actually take care of and live with. For better tooth health, it’s best to avoid tooth jewels, and here’s why. … Continue reading


What Can I Expect If I Get Braces?

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Getting braces is exciting. It means you’re one step closer to having straighter teeth and improving your smile. Still, it’s normal to feel a little nervous when you’re trying anything new. … Continue reading

History of Dental Implants

History of Dental Implants

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A dental implant is a device that’s used as a replacement for a missing tooth. It’s a fixture consisting of a post, generally made from titanium, that is first inserted and allowed to fuse to the jawbone for maximum stability. … Continue reading