Listed below are the most frequently asked questions we receive from our patients.

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What are some of the results cosmetic dentistry treatment can achieve?

  • Rejuvenate discoloured / stained teeth
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Reduce the over-crowded nature of teeth
  • Straighten overlapping or crooked teeth
  • Cover chips
  • Conceal blemishes
  • Replace missing teeth
  • Repair breakages
  • Replace amalgam fillings with tooth-coloured restorations
  • Gum re-contouring for gummy smiles

Why do teeth seem to darken when people age?

Teeth can darken as plaque builds up throughout your life. Staining from coffee, tea, soft drinks, certain medications and smoking can also occur. Changes in dentin may cause teeth to appear a little darker as well.

What is the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment undergone by patients?

Teeth whitening is arguably the most popular cosmetic procedure available today. This is the case as teeth whitening can be the quickest, most effective way to enhance the appearance of your smile. Lightening teeth 8 to 10 shades within just one consultation and transform the effects of ageing and discolouration.

Previously, very little could be done to attain the smile you always dreamed of. Yet, today with the vast range of cosmetic dentistry treatments available, every smile can be aesthetically enhanced. Our team will discuss your cosmetic options with you during your initial consultation.

What are the main benefits of dentistry treatment?

Achieving optimal dental health has the power to change your life for the better. Just a few of the major benefits of maintaining excellent dental health may include improved:

  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Oral health and general well-being
  • Facial appearance
  • Comfort
  • Speech
  • Dietary habits

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is the ultimate mixture of art and dental science. These procedures endeavour to create beautiful, aesthetically pleasing smile by utilising the latest restorative technologies and materials.

What can I do to improve the health and appearance of my smile?

If your teeth become damaged, lost or simply worn over time, there are a number of options available to treat these problems. If teeth are lost, then dental implants, dentures or bridges may be an option for you. If a tooth needs rebuilding, then crowns, inlays or onlays could be the solution. For cosmetic changes, teeth whitening, veneers and bonding are amongst some of the treatments that you could consider.

How can I maintain my smile?

Routine visits to totalcare dentistry are of paramount importance. By visiting us every 6 months for a thorough examination and clean, you will enable us to detect any dental problems early and limit the extent of the problem. It is also essential to brush at least twice each day (after breakfast and dinner) and floss once a day. This will help to prevent decay and gum disease. Speak with our team during your next visit, for more information on preventive care and hygiene.

Why are our teeth so important?

Our teeth play an essential role in our lives. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, your teeth are also highly important in relation to digestion. The loss of a tooth or the inability of our teeth to perform their natural functions can severely affect our eating patterns, self-confidence and appearance.

When you are ashamed of your smile, you either hide it or you do not smile as much. Happiness is attractive and everyone loves to be around happy people. But did you also know that smiling and laughing is actually healthy for you? These activities release natural antidepressant chemicals from your brain, beneficial to your entire being. So don’t forget to smile!

Why is it so important to maintain dental health?

Maintaining your teeth and gums as you age is an important step in sustaining your general health and well-being. Whilst exercising, eating right and regular health checks are important, looking after your teeth and gums is also essential. Good dental health can help you to lead a long, happy and healthy life.