Future Trends in Dental Care

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Technology is changing both corrective and cosmetic dentistry. The tools and procedures of the dental trade have been digitized and they can now mold teeth with more precision.  Even the fabrication and x-ray processes are being made more effective, safe and accessible. The future of dentistry is bright and listed below are ways in which technology has put a smile on everyone’s face.  

3D Printing a Smile

With the use of 3D printing technology, dentists have the ability to fabricate tailor made veneers and implants that fit a patient’s mouth precisely. Images of the person’s mouth are scanned and processed through a computer, using technology that was once too large to fit into an office, which has been scaled down to the size of a copy machine. Once the scan is complete the 3D printer produces a custom-fit dental appliance for the patient.


Laser and Light Illuminating Dentistry

Lasers have been revolutionizing many aspects of medicine. Using dental diode lasers, dentists can make precise alterations to a person’s teeth without the use of a drill, causing patients less discomfort.  Lasers can also be used to find hidden cavities, as decaying teeth glow under laser light.  Dentists are even using lasers on gums to fight infections and gum disease, and as an alternative to the use of a scalpel during surgery.


Laser and Light Illuminating Dentistry


Updated X-rays

New X-ray technology is helping dentists to make more efficient and accurate diagnoses. Dentists are using digitized lasers, capable of rendering images in greater detail, to pinpoint issues with a patient’s teeth. The digital x-ray machine uses a special electronic sensor in the mouth to help capture the image that is then sent to a computer. These x-ray machines also emit less radiation, making them safer for technician and patients.

Smart Dental Instruments

Like many appliances and tools, dental instruments are now able to “talk” to one another and record each patient’s data. For example, dental chairs can save the optimal position for your comfort and to give the dentist better access to your mouth, or control the dentist’s water system, washers, and sterilisers. Dental Instruments can even be updated and repaired remotely.


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