How Teeth Change As We Age

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Aging, unfortunately, does not merely affect our skin and our memory. Teeth also pay a price for longevity. As we age, we will need to pay attention to possible new issues that may arise.

  • Eroded tooth enamel from general wear and tear. Drinking orange juice and coffee, as well as the everyday chewing we do over a lifetime, can break down the surface of your teeth, leaving them more vulnerable to cracks or breaks. This could cause pain and possibly lead to an infection requiring an unpleasant root canal. Continue to use fluoride tooth pastes and gels, and ask your doctor if you need any sort of varnish.
  • Shifting teeth can cause a snarl or two, and not simply because you felt you paid your dues with braces during junior high school. Some people find that their teeth are no longer straight as they age and experience oral pain. You may not need the heavy scaffolding of a preteen’s braces but some orthodontic care might help.
  • Oral Cancer – Just looking at this phrase can induce panic, but it’s another reason to keep up with regular dentist visits. Dentists and dental hygienists will examine your mouth to look for any lesions or marks indicating a deeper problem.


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If you have spent a lifetime taking care of your teeth and you stay in fairly good health, you will find that you have fewer dental issues to deal with.

Regular brushings and flossing along with twice yearly visits to your favorite dentist can save you a lot of trouble. These basic skills do not have to be altered, just maintained.  A half-century of healthy gums and teeth do not guarantee that you will be cavity-free forever in your golden years. The trick is to not get complacent!


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