Ashleigh Jones reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
31 May 2019
So relieved to have such a lovely dentist on my doorstep - really thorough and honest and made sure I was pain free! Great price, they tell you everything you need and don’t rip you off!
Warren Abadee reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
23 May 2019
Very friendly and painless treatment.
Demis Bhargava reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
25 May 2019
Dr. Ish and her staff - Nat and Susie to name-check two of them - are always professional, friendly and courteous. They make the chore of a dental visit painless, literally and figuratively. This, more than the convenience of their location close to my office in Bondi, is why I hope to be a loyal customer of theirs for a long time!
Sonia Wilkinson reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
29 June 2018
Dr Ish did both cosmetic and non-cosmetic work on teeth. My teeth feel great and have never looked so amazing!! I'm over the moon and would highly recommend Dr Ish and her team. I felt she was very honest in her recommendations and listened to what I wanted and what were realistic options for me. The dental hygienist also did a very thorough job. All the staff are very friendly too. A great team and well worthy of 5 stars. I've used Dr Ish a few times and will continue to travel to see her for treatment. Thank you.
Loxley King reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
26 June 2018
TotalCare is an excellent dentist. All the staff are very warm and welcoming, they made me very much at ease whilst working professionally, quick and with care. Would and have recommended this dentist! Thank you everyone!
Kate Patrick reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
13 June 2018
I took my little boy to Dr Ish for his first check up and it couldn't have been a more welcoming and fun experience! I also had an overdue checkup and clean and it was a very easy and breezy visit. Thanks guys, Kate & Banjo xx
Eric Pona reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
8 June 2018
Our ‘relationship’ with Totalcare Dentistry started over 10 years go, with our kids. I eventually became a customer myself, after witnessing such professionalism, expertise and personalised service. Over time, I gradually ‘evaporated’ and went somewhere else, mostly for convenience (I do not live anywhere near Bondi Junction). But then again, recently, I (drove and) came back; simply because nothing beats experience, expertise and quality. Convenience, when it comes to dental health is frankly secondary.
Chloe-Charlotte Chaplin reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
29 May 2018
After years of repetitive wisdom tooth infections, and spending the last week in lots of pain which my dentist was doing little to treat I decided to visit Dr Ish. The practice is sparkling clean and the team are warm, welcoming, kind and ever so caring. Thank you all very much, see you soon
Alan Dunlop reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
29 May 2018
Every appointment started on time which is unusual for my previous dentist. Service was fantastic! Highly recommend.
Andi Michelle reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
29 May 2018
I was so distressed when I first met the team! Broken tooth and all!! Dr. Ish was amazing and caring and restored my smile very quickly - thank you!!!!
Paul Cunningham reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
29 May 2018
Dentist explained everything to me including all possibilities. I eventually had an extraction which gave me no pain and was not at all traumatic.
Barbara Kelly reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
24 May 2018
Friendly and relaxed atmosphere while always being professional. The care is thorough and of the highest quality.
Wade McDonough reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
20 March 2018
What an amazing service, and such wonderful staff! I've travelled the world and experienced all types of dental services, from Silicon Valley, India, UK and Singapore... but without a doubt, Dr. Ish is a clear leader in her field and a credit to her industry. 5 Stars!!
Laura Newton reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
28 January 2018
After admittedly avoiding the dentist for over 3 years I have to say I had an amazing experience with Totalcare Dentistry. The location was so convenient and everyone from the receptionist to the hygienist Suzanne to Dr. Ish herself were so friendly and helpful. I loved being able to get a Thursday night appointment so I didn't have to miss work and Suzanne was so pleasant and kind in answering my many, many questions. Not to mention the new patient offer made things very affordable! (as I do not have medicare this was a huge selling point for me). I would recommend this place to anyone!
Erin Corlette reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
26 March 2018
I have recently come to TotalCare dentistry at Bondi Junction and I think I have been their most regular customer due to certain circumstances and they could not have been more caring and thoughtful as well as giving me complete confidence in all that I have had done. Everyone in the practice without doubt has been just lovely, lead of course by Dr Ish.
Sophie Long reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
14 November 2017
I cannot recommend Totalcare Dentistry highly enough. I have been going to this practice for years. The staff are friendly and helpful, and they are gentle and understanding with nervous clients (like me) I had to get a complicated procedure done, and it went very well. They have given me advice about splints, and whitening treatments, but do not push anything, and are the best at preventing issues before they become a problem. My whole family goes here, and I am always recommending them to friends. Dr Ish Goonewardene has been my primary dentist, and she is the best!
Purieh Alonzo reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
28 November 2017
Only place I'd go to for my TMJ treatments.. even if I need to travel an hour each time to get there 😊 totally worth it.. Only place that I could actually see and feel results for my TMJ disorder. I've already booked my next appointment for next year! Service is great and would definitely recommend 😊😊
Nic Morgan reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
23 February 2018
I first went to Totalcare Dentistry 5 years ago after not going for 17 years due to extreme fear! I cannot recommend Ish, Suzanne & Natalie highly enough! It feels more like catching up with friends than going to the dentist. They make every visit a pleasure & have totally changed my dentistry experience!
Jasmin Siebold reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
29 November 2017
The two appointments I had at totalcare dentistry so far were very pleasant experiences: Dr. Ish and her team are extremely friendly and I especially like how Dr. Ish takes time to explain the procedure including the necessary steps. Moreover, the reception staff did their best to accommodate my needs, even when I had to reschedule an appointment twice - their client communication is great in general. I've tried different dentists in Sydney and also find totalcare's pricing system very fair.
Natalie Roach reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
25 October 2017
I cannot give enough praise to the team at Totalcare Dentistry. I am a nervous patient but the whole team make every effort to make you feel welcome and at ease from the moment you walk in the door. I have been coming here for several years now and it has always been the same. Dr Ish herself, Suzanne and Nat all deserve a mention - they are great practitioners and absolutely lovely people. Thanks so much - I’m really pleased with all aspects of the work that I have had done and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Totalcare Dentistry on Old South Head Rd to anyone!
Elanit Mitry reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
13 December 2017
Always friendly service - makes the experience of going to the dentist a great one!! My husband had a HUGE phobia of seeing the dentist and would never go, since he's starting seeing the guys at Total Care he goes to the dentist regularly and no longer has a phobia. Thanks for everything guys!!!
Katie Brenton reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
14 February 2018
Favourite dentist ever!! My jaw pain has pretty much completely gone thanks to Dr Ish and I couldn't thank her enought!! :) Never thought it could be possible..
Lucia Robson reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
4 December 2017
Very thorough friendly and considerate, make going to the dentist the best possible experience
Karen Crowe reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
27 March 2017
I would like to compliment the wonderful service and expertise given by this dental practice. I was seen today at very short notice by Warrick Edwards after the very professional help by Natalie McDonald who organised everything. Warrick was able to advise me and treat me after previous advice that was incorrect and I was preparing for either root canal work or worst scenario extraction. Thanks to Warrick and his brilliance I am now in a good place with my tooth...... his wonderful manner and knowledge gave me such faith. Thank you so very much for everything, I am so grateful - what a wonderful practice thanks to the excellent team that work there.
Claire Dwight reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
13 May 2016
I cannot recommend Dr Ish and the team at Totalcare enough. I have been going to them for the last 6 years and although I have now moved to Avalon, I'm more than happy to travel back to Bondi as there's no way I'm going anywhere else! I'm a nervous patient and they are absolutely fantastic. And to top it off, Dr Ish is amazing with my 4 and 7 year olds too. I'd vote 10 stars if I could!
Devon Davis reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
19 September 2017
All of the staff are really lovely and professional, especially Sabrina who has accommodated my tricky schedule! Thank you!
Louise Howell reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
5 May 2016
I have been a patient at the Total Care Dentistry Bondi Junction for 6 years. I moved to Newcastle 6 months ago but i will still travel 2 hours to see the most thorough, friendly, hygienist everrrrrrr Suzanne. I visit her every 3 months and I am sure that these regular visits are the reason why i have never had a filling or needed any repair work. Highly recomended.
Richie Henson reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
13 May 2016
Dr Ish and the team at TotalCare are superb. Previous to my first visit to Dr Ish, I was TERRIFIED of going to the dentist. My past visits had been full of pain and hideous experiences. NO MORE!!! I actually look forward to my visits now. I feel like I'm being treated and pampered. So gentle, informative and FUN!!! I would absolutely recommend TotalCare to anyone who has had bad experiences in the mouth department!!
Barry Hughes reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
21 April 2016
I love this dentist. My awful British teeth needed lots of work and Dr Ish and the team at Bondi Junction were super friendly and helpful and always put my interests first. Highly recommend.
Caroline Mellish reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
27 January 2016
When your 6 year old asks when they can go back you know it is a great dentist!! Many thanks Ish
Christopher Kelly reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
28 August 2016
Dr Ish always treats her paitents with care and professionalism. The standard of care is underpinned by the continued search for knowledge in all things dental and wellness.
Jane Duckworth reviewed Totalcare Dentist5
14 November 2017
Dr ish has looked after my teeth - crowns , implants , everything I have needed to have a complete smile for over 13 years - she is amazing - I will go to wherever she is practicing - I have total faith in her ability to keep me happy with my teeth and knowing that medically my mouth is healthy.