Dental implants

Restore your smile with dental implants

At totalcare dentistry, our team strives to restore your smile in order to restore your self-confidence. Dental implants enable you to recover the natural function of your teeth and your beautiful smile after tooth loss.

Dental implants can address singular tooth loss or replace a full arch of missing teeth. Replacing missing teeth is often not only vital for restoring your confidence when smiling, but also avoiding a number of potentially harmful conditions that can develop as a result of tooth loss.

Correct tooth loss permanently

Our dental implants are made from an extremely biocompatible titanium alloy. These dental screws are inserted into the jaw to act as an anchor for your new tooth. As the titanium bonds with your jawbone, it becomes permanently fused into your mouth. While removable dentures are commonly adopted when treating tooth loss, they do not fill the void left by missing teeth permanently.

Replacing fragile teeth

Heavily filled teeth and over-treated teeth can become fragile as you age. While this fragility may not directly cause tooth loss, in some instances, brittle and damaged teeth can lead to a number of different oral and aesthetic concerns. Dental implants can permanently correct these concerns and restore your smile.

Protect your oral and overall health

Many people often assume that the only reason you should correct tooth loss is for cosmetic reasons. This is incorrect as replacing your missing teeth can also restore your oral function and help to safeguard you against the development of potentially harmful dental conditions.

Functionally it is important to replace your teeth as the missing support from your lost tooth can add increased pressure to the surrounding teeth, as well as your jaw. Receiving dental implants can remove this pressure, whilst also restoring your ability to smile, speak and chew with ease.

The dangers of not filling in the gaps

The importance of replacing missing teeth extends far beyond appearance and restoring functional ability. Tooth loss can also cause a number of other health concerns. A minor yet often common concern is that tooth loss can cause your tongue and the soft tissue in your mouth to catch on the teeth either side of the gap and tear. These gaps can also accumulate bacteria, which can cause infection and discomfort.

In more serious instances tooth loss can also instigate the degeneration of your jawbone. Your teeth are necessary in order to keep your jawbone strong and healthy. This is because the teeth provide stimulation to the bone when chewing and speaking. When there is a gap, or when you are missing a complete arch of teeth, the bone can begin to shrink, which is known as resorption. This resorption can be potentially debilitating to your entire oral function and can also alter the structure of your face.

Tooth loss can also spur the rest of your remaining teeth to drift out of place in order to compensate for your missing tooth/teeth. Not only is tooth drifting damaging to your smile’s appearance, it is also harmful to the structure of your teeth which enable you to maintain functional abilities.

Benefit from permanently restoring your smile

Dental implants can provide stability for patients by increasing biting pressure, as well as reducing the irritation and oral sores generally experienced by removable denture wearers. While suitable candidates must have an adequate bone density, our team can also perform a bone graft if you do not have a suitable level of bone.

Throughout your detailed consultation, our team can identify if you are a suitable candidate to transform your smile with dental implants.