Porcelain crowns

A beautiful new smile with dental crowns

At totalcare dentistry, we provide the highest quality dental crowns to our patients. Dental crowns can help restore your dental health while also improving the appearance of your smile. Our team endeavours to preserve as many natural teeth as possible while placing dental crowns, as well as throughout our full spectrum of dental treatments.

Porcelain crowns are made to match the exact colour, texture and translucency as your natural teeth. We use a high quality porcelain material because we find it provides the most superior colour match to our patient’s natural teeth. This is particularly important when addressing the teeth that are visible when you smile or, as we like to call it, those teeth in your ‘smile zone’.

Custom-make your new teeth

Receiving your porcelain crown is simple as we custom-make your restoration to fit seamlessly into your smile. Once identifying that receiving a dental crown is the most desirable option for your specific concern, our team will take an impression of your teeth. From this impression, a customised crown will be created to fit or enhance the exact size and appearance of your tooth. Using a specialised bonding agent our team can place your restoration swiftly. While some dentists also reshape surrounding teeth, we endeavour to only work with those teeth requiring crowning treatment.

Correcting both your tooth’s appearance and health

A dental crown can address and correct both the health and the appearance of your tooth. Our team always strives to provide cosmetic dentistry that can enhance your smile as well as provide functional health benefits. Our dental crowns can cap your decaying or damaged tooth in order to save your natural tooth, preserve your dental health and improve the tooth’s appearance.

During your appointment, our team can give you a detailed explanation of the measures you can take to save your natural teeth with dental crowns.