Porcelain Veneers

Correct your smile appearance and health

Porcelain veneers can transform the appearance and health of your smile. Our team here at Totalcare Dentistry is committed to providing you with porcelain veneers that provide a functional health benefit, as well as an aesthetic benefit.

The porcelain veneers offered here at our Bondi Junction practice help to correct damaged teeth and enhance your smiles appearance simultaneously. Once placed, our veneers are durable and strong, resisting most forces placed upon them by a normal diet.

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin, tooth coloured porcelain shells that are custom made to bond to the surface of your teeth. Porcelain veneers can help to correct:

  • Chips or cracks
  • Discoloration
  • Misshaped teeth

While they can correct these issues, porcelain veneers can also:

  • Enhance the appearance of your smile
  • Redesign the shape and length of teeth
  • Whitten and brighten your smile

The shell of our porcelain veneers are extremely thin, so you can improve your smile discreetly and subtlety. These veneers also offer increased comfort as the restoration should feel and act the same as your natural teeth.

Receiving porcelain veneers

Only requiring a minimal amount of tooth reduction, veneers offer a more conservative restoration option compared to a dental crown. It is essential that the underlying tooth is strong, healthy and not heavily filled. The process involves the removal of a small amount of your tooth’s enamel which will be replaced by your new veneer. Porcelain veneers can correct a single tooth, through to an entire arch of damaged or unsightly teeth.

Restore your smiles function

Your teeth are used not only to smile and convey your emotions; your smile also plays a crucial role in your overall health. A healthy set of teeth enable you to chew food and correctly pronounce your words, however a disharmony in your smile can damage both abilities. Crooked or damaged teeth can hinder the chewing and digestion process, as well as cause irritation in the gums and soft tissues surrounding the tooth. By correcting damaged, decaying or discolored teeth you can restore your oral health whilst transforming your smile.