General Checkup

Are you a new patient?

At Totalcare Dentistry we want our patients to get the best value when taking care of their teeth. If you are a new patient, check out our new exam special and find out how you can save when receiving your comprehensive check-up!

Regular care to protect your pearly whites

Our team ensures we safeguard your dental health with our comprehensive check-up appointments. Preventive oral care is the best way to keep your teeth healthy for a life time. Regular check-ups enable your dentist to identify the development of oral conditions in their earlier stages. Early treatment can help us to ensure that you are safeguarded against harmful oral conditions later down the track.

Dr Ish recommends that everyone has a check-up every six months. This regular care is important as dental concerns can develop rapidly. By addressing any early signs of cavities, decay or even gum disease, you can save your natural teeth, as well as your time and money.

Walking you through your check-up

At a check-up our skilled hygienist will examine your teeth for cavities as well as assess the health of your gums in order to prevent gum disease and bone loss. Our team will thoroughly and gently examine your teeth as well as your gums, tongue and soft tissues. We will perform a full clean and scale and identify any potential concerns. It is important to address all areas operating within your mouth to ensure your oral function is performing at an optimal health level.

Creating a dental harmony within your smile

The different aspects of your mouth, including your lips and jawbone, work together with your smile in harmony, allowing you to speak, smile and chew, as well as preserve your facial structure.  If one of these functioning elements is unhealthy this can create a disharmony in your mouth. This disharmony can lead to wider problems and affect your smile’s health and appearance.  By providing a general check-up we can ensure that all these different aspects of your smile are healthy and working in harmony with each other.

Maintaining a beautiful smile at the dentist and at-home

There are a number of things you can do at home to maximise the results you achieve at our dental practice. By thoroughly brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing once daily and maintain a healthy lifestyle you can help curb the development of potentially harmful dental conditions. Our dental professionals will walk you through all the steps necessary to maintain a beautiful smile during your appointment.

Totalcare for your teeth

During your general check-up our skilled hygienist will provide a full scale and polish, this can help us ensure that your smile is looking as great as a healthy smile feels. By receiving this scale and polish we can also give your smile the healthiest start to remain beautiful until your next check-up.