Oral hygiene

A smile that lasts a lifetime

At totalcare dentistry, we believe that a beautiful smile starts and ends with excellent oral hygiene.  Your teeth and oral function are sensitive and require constant maintenance to maintain optimal dental health. By performing a detailed oral hygiene routine you can help ensure your smile lasts for a lifetime. In doing this you can also save money by avoiding the need for later potentially expensive and complex restorative treatments. It is our priority to help our patients achieve and maintain optimal oral hygiene.

Giving you the information you need to smile wider

Our team of dental professionals believes that excellent oral hygiene requires an understanding of its importance. A sound oral hygiene routine can ensure that extra plaque and tartar do not build up on your teeth, which can lead to tooth decay and discolouration.

By maintaining excellent oral hygiene you can also establish excellent periodontal (gum) health. It is important you keep your gums healthy, avoiding dark reddening. Unhealthy gums, or gums that bleed when you brush or floss, can indicate that you have poor oral hygiene. A deterioration of your periodontal health can lead to wider oral concerns and can even cause tooth loss in serious cases.

Avoiding bad breath

Those who have poor oral hygiene can often experience consistent bad breath. Bad breath can also cause a poor taste in the mouth.  This distasteful odour can be damaging to your self-esteem, as well as indicating a larger oral concern. While many people will experience bad breath at one point or another, consistent bad breath can be quite problematic.

Bad breath can indicate the development of oral diseases, a significant buildup of food particles and bacteria, and many more harmful dental concerns.  By employing a dental oral hygiene routine you can curb the presence of bad breath and treat the oral concern that is causing it at the source.

Achieving excellent oral hygiene

There are a number of things you can do to achieve optimal oral health, in combination with visiting our team every six months for a general check-up.

  • Brushing: By thoroughly brushing your teeth at least twice a day you can help curb the development of potentially harmful dental conditions. Brushing with fluoride toothpaste can also help protect your teeth and keep them white.
  • Flossing: In flossing your teeth daily you can help prevent the buildup of tartar and bacteria from gathering between your teeth in areas that brushing alone cannot remove.
  • Diet: Consuming a balanced and healthy diet can be beneficial to both your oral and overall health. By eating the right foods you can strengthen your teeth and keep your gums healthy.

Make flossing fun

Totalcare dentistry is committed to making dentistry fun and accessible for all of our patients. In line with this goal we now stock GumChucks, the innovative way for adults and children alike to floss their teeth.

Excellent oral hygiene, as well as oral check-ups, can also potentially help you identify the early development of oral cancer. If detected early, oral cancer can often be swiftly addressed before the condition spreads.

By visiting our team we can endeavour to help you safeguard your oral health and keep your natural teeth for life.