Gum disease treatment

Avoid gum disease, tooth loss and decay

While there are many variables in life, it is possible to avoid all of the conditions above with a simple oral hygiene routine. In saying that if you have any of these dental concerns don’t worry – these conditions can be treated and most of them can even be reversed with modern dentistry.

Unfortunately, brushing and flossing doesn’t keep your smile completely safe
While brushing and flossing daily is the keystone to great dental health, these actions alone will not protect your teeth against plaque and cavities. A toothbrush cannot remove tartar, otherwise known as hardened plaque, which builds upon people’s teeth over time. The reality is tartar is unavoidable.

So what will provide comprehensive protection? Six monthly check-ups, clean and scale appointments with a dentist.

Totalcare dentistry has you covered

We provide comprehensive scale and polish appointments to help our patients retain a beautiful and healthy smile throughout their lifetime. Would you like to learn more about how you can protect your smile at home? Check out our oral hygiene page.