Oral surgery and wisdom tooth removal

Helping you reinstate and maintain your dental health

At totalcare dentistry, we aim to prevent the need for complex oral procedures. Despite this, sometimes oral surgery is required and that is why our team prides themselves on providing excellent skill paired with compassionate care.

We provide oral surgery services for complex dental treatments, such as dental implants and wisdom teeth extractions. Our dentist in charge will provide a full explanation and counselling for all dental treatments. The surgery is equipped with the latest advances in dental technology to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease.

Identifying your exact needs

It is important to leave your oral care in the hands of trained professionals, especially when undergoing oral surgery. Our proficient team is able to perform complex oral surgery to restore your dental health. We believe that each of our patients here at totalcare dentistry is unique and so too is their smile. Our team ensures that we conduct a thorough examination and discuss with you the specific requirements of your oral concern, should you require surgery.

Pain-free dentistry

When it comes to receiving oral surgery we have a number of pain management options, including pain-free sedation and sleep dentistry, which you can learn about by visiting our patient care page. These various pain management options mean you can receive the surgery you need in a relaxing and virtually pain-freee environment.

State-of-the-art equipment

At totalcare dentistry, we equip our skilled team with progressive technology and the latest in dental equipment. Our practice is fully equipped with the latest technology, which you can learn more about by visiting our patient care page.

Dental implants

Made from a bio compatible titanium alloy, dental implants are surgically inserted into the jawbone. They take on the role of an anchor within the mouth, which is then used to fasten ‘false teeth’ into position. This surgery can be performed virtually painlessly with our pain management options. Learn more about dental implants.

Wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth may need to be extracted if they affect other teeth – often referred to as “coming in sideways” or “impacted wisdom teeth”. This failure to erupt properly may occur either because there is not enough room in the jaw for the tooth, or because of its abnormal position.