The Benefits of Stem cell/CGF collagen induction therapy

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Sometimes called the “Vampire Facial,” Stem cell/CGF collagen induction therapy is growing within dental and oral surgery practices to promote healing. However, do not let the term “vampire” scare you off – it’s perfectly safe!  

CGF (Concentrated Growth Factors) is the latest form of facial treatment to support healing and rejuvenation of skin that has deteriorated due to wounds or other skin conditions. Due to their specialised skill and knowledge of facial anatomy, dentists are uniquely qualified to provide Stem cell/CGF collagen induction therapy in a safe and hygienic environment.

The treatment uses a patient’s blood to collect concentrated plasma to use its platelets. When the platelets are injected, they stimulate regrowth of cells and actually help to rebuild the skin’s tissues. It is a wonderful treatment for wrinkles since the skin that is treated is brought back to its earlier vitality, reversing earlier damage caused by time and environmental exposure.


CGF blood cells

CGF blood cells


Medically, as a method of cosmetic treatment, it is minimally invasive. Patients receive a local anesthetic and most report little to no pain. Furthermore, since the blood comes directly from the patient (collected from a vein in an arm), there is zero chance of an allergic reaction. Treatment lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, and recovery lasts 24 to 48 hours. After that, patients report seeing a significant improvement in skin tone and texture.

Skin deterioration happens at a different pace for everyone, although it cannot be completely avoided. Environmental factors such as exposure to sunlight, wind, or various pollutants can leave their mark, causing the skin to lose its softness. Even with a healthy diet and proper hydration, skin can change enough over time to possibly warrant action to help it recover some of its vigors.

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