Striving To Improve

We are always striving to improve and create the best patient experience and with the use of advanced technology in our practice we can eliminate some of the less comfortable elements associated with some dental techniques.

Itero Element Intraoral Scanner :

A highly advanced tool that enables our team to take precise digital records of your teeth for optimum treatment planning using a small handheld wand

Advantages :

  1. No messy moulds which take time to set in the mouth
  2. Enhances patient experience and elevates clinical precision
  3. Engineered to work with Invisalign to create pre-treatment outcome simulations by immediately simulating how teeth could look if Invisalign treatment is carried out
  4. Can be used for crowns, bridges, night guards, dentures and implants to get digital impressions
  5. We can also track changes of patients teeth over time measuring wear from grinding and cracks



Air-polishing is a method of removing biofilm and stains with the help of kinetic energy. Using a mixture of air, the corresponding powders and water, teeth, implants and soft tissue are effectively yet gently cleaned. The biofilm, which consists of bacteria and other microorganisms, is thus removed without the use of chemical products.

  • Removes subgingival and supragingival biofilm, the main cause of tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis, peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis
  • Cleaning is quicker, more thorough and gentler on the tooth structure than tooth polishing with paste and rubber cups, even in areas that are difficult to reach
  • Also ideal for interdental cleaning, in case of misaligned teeth, deep fissures and in the sulcus
  • Removes tooth discolouration
  • Gentle cleaning of fixed orthodontic appliances



Phillips Zoom 4 In-Chair Whitening System: 

Our chairside professional whitening system  – whether you have a special occasion or simply want to reduce discolouration or stains this gives you professional beautiful results with little or no sensitivity.

Using advanced Blue Light LED technology and gel in a light accelerated technology we can deliver dramatic results in minimal time.  In a single visit, your teeth will be visibly whiter reversing stains from food and drinks, ageing and even discolouration from some types of medication.

You will leave with an instantly brighter more confident smile.


OPG/ Digital X-rays

The public has become increasingly aware of exposure risks, understanding radiation accumulates over a lifetime. X-rays are an indispensable part of any dental practice as problem areas would often go undetected without them.
An x-ray is both a preventative and diagnostic tool essential to all dental practices. A flat electronic sensor is placed inside your mouth where the dentist will be taking images. These images are then sent to a computer to be instantly viewed.

Benefits of digital x-rays:

  • Less radiation exposure to patients and the dental team
  • The higher resolution of images
  • Images can be instantly viewed and the same visit diagnosis made
  • Images can be zoomed in on
  • More efficient diagnosis
  • No film processing required, therefore no harmful waste to dispose of

Digital x-rays Used for:


  • Plan and prepare for dental work; dental implants, orthodontics, dentures, etc.
  • Detect hidden dental abnormalities
  • Reveal tooth decay and infection
  • Display bone loss (often times associated with gum disease)


  • Watch and monitor the development of teeth – taking a special interest in impacted teeth, and the eruption of permanent teeth and spacing
  • Plan orthodontic treatment
  • Detect early tooth decay or hidden dental abnormalities

What is an OPG?

An OPG is a panoramic or wide view x-ray of the lower face, which displays all the teeth of the upper and lower jaw on a single film. It demonstrates the number, position and growth of all the teeth including those that have not yet surfaced or erupted. It is different from the small close up x-rays dentists take of individual teeth. An OPG may also reveal problems with the jawbone and the joint which connects the jawbone to the head called the Temporomandibular joint or TMJ. An OPG may be requested for the planning of orthodontic treatment, for assessment of wisdom teeth or for a general overview of the teeth and the bone which supports the teeth.