Dr Ish Goonewardene

Dental Surgeon, Dermal Practitioner & Myobrace Clinician

Dr Ish graduated from Otago University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery. Since then she has gained experience working in many fields of dentistry. Dr Ish first worked as a dental house surgeon in a busy hospital in New Zealand, gaining experience in emergency and surgical treatment, as well as general dentistry. She then moved to private practice and took this experience overseas where she worked in Scotland and England.

Since 2000 Dr Ish has worked in Sydney and runs her own practice here at totalcare dentistry. Dr Ish maintains the highest standards with the latest treatment from ongoing education and regular courses. Her practice has modern innovations in dental treatment and care, providing a level of care that is second to none for her clientele.

She enjoys creating beautiful smiles using a number of individual techniques including Invisalign and Ceramic Restorative dentistry.

In 2019 she received a Fellowship from the IADFE (international academy for Dentofacial aesthetics), New York, for her education in Dentofacial Aesthetics. Her critical eye for detail and her advanced knowledge in harmonising and creating natural balance to the face extends to skin health working alongside her Dermal Therapist.

Being a mum of two busy energetic young girls, her compassionate and caring nature extends to helping and educating children to have the best possible start in their dental lives. Having a keen interest in Myofunctional therapy she is passionate about identifying early growth issues and providing options for guided growth for optimal future dental health and wellbeing.

“I believe it is a privilege to be a dentist and have such an opportunity to treat and educate the local community with their dental and health care. Each day I look forward to making new friends who become part of our totalcare Family”.

Bondi Junction Dental Treatments at Totalcare Dental & Dermal

At Totalcare Dental & Dermal, we offer a comprehensive range of dental treatments designed to meet all your oral health needs. From restorative procedures to cosmetic enhancements, our state-of-the-art technologies and expert team ensure you receive the best possible care for a healthy, beautiful smile.

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