Meet Our Totalcare Dental Team

Philippa Courtney

Philippa arrived in Sydney from Manchester, the UK in 2017 and has been with Totalcare ever since. She has a bubbly personality and has worked closely with the general public for over 9 years. Philippa loves to chat with the patients and get to know them all at their visits. In her free time Philippa enjoys going to the gym, sunrise coastal walks and dinners out with her friends. She also has a big interest in skincare and hopes to further her knowledge in the near future.

Bondi Junction Dental Treatments at Totalcare Dental & Dermal

At Totalcare Dental & Dermal, we offer a comprehensive range of dental treatments designed to meet all your oral health needs. From restorative procedures to cosmetic enhancements, our state-of-the-art technologies and expert team ensure you receive the best possible care for a healthy, beautiful smile.

philippa courtney bondi junction totalcare dental team